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GMO vs. Dense

In the beginning of all the history there was only „Morning”, an older track by one of Germanys leading progressive trance acts GMO, which has been manipulated as a part of Denses project „Trancistor”. But after occupying with former GMO works, the idea was born to create a whole remix album. Now you can get nine exclusive chill out remixes on „Through Other Glasses - the chillgressive views”, released on Altar Rec. in 2010.

After finishing „Through Other Glasses”, a collaboration started between melody agent GMO and groove inspector Dense. One year later, their first common work „Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo” came out on Altar Rec. Since then you can request GMO and Dense as a live act for your event.

Expect uplifting melodic tunes and new astonishing tracks out of their studios in Stuttgart and Hamburg like from their latest album „Equation”, released again on Altar Rec. in June 2014.

They surprised with their timless chill out EP „Shell & Seal”, released on Cosmicleaf Rec. in October 2014 followed by the more danceable „The Whistleblower“ EP. Since July 2017 you can get their latest album „Distances“, out at Cosmicleaf Records. Their actual EP is „The Blue Hole“, out at Cosmicleaf Rec., 07/2019.

GMO vs. Dense

GMO vs. Dense

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