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Seven albums are waiting for the open minded listeners. Releases at Altar Rec. are available both on CD and download, others via dgital download.

GMO vs. Dense

Through Other Glasses

This was the first chillgressive tunes album, released in 09/2010 as a remix collection album by Dense based on former GMO masterpieces via Altar Rec., Canada.

GMO vs. Dense

Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo

Working together now, their second album „Tales From The Yellow Kangaroo” was released in 09/2012, again via Altar Rec., Canada.

Latest release


„Tide Forger“

(Cosmicleaf Rec., 04/2017)



Another solo album by Dense is out, his first one with full chill out style, on Altar Rec., Canada, since 07/2013. Beside new stuff he delivers remixes for Cabeiri and E-Mantra.

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GMO vs. Dense


Their third CD album is out since 06/2014 by Altar Rec., Canada. GMO and Dense offer again strictly danceable chillout sounds and beautiful melodic ingredients.


New Speak

Since September 2014 you can get another solo album by Dense with a lot of danceable sounds, released via Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece. The modern side of chillout music.



The latest solo album by Dense is out since February 2015 and delivers both ambient sounds for interstellar excursions and finest groovy tunes. Released via Cosmicleaf Rec.


Behind Closed Curtains

Since July 2016 the next album by Dense is out on Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece. This is a soundtrack for making party on the beach as well for chillout evenings.


Tide Forger

A new ambient/chillout album by Dense is out since April 2017 via Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece.

Dense and Fourth Dimension

Mindcycles Remixed

After 5 EPs you can watch out for a remix album including all the Mindcycles tracks already. Remixed by various artists of the Cosmicleaf Rec. family. Scheduled for June 2017.

GMO and Dense


Out in July 2017 - more info soon.

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