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Releases - EPs

With several EPs we keep you updated in waiting time between new albums. All available via digital download.

GMO and Dense

Shell & Seal

In October 2014 you got surprised by a relaxing two track EP on Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece. GMO and Dense show another side with timeless chillout sounds.


Splendensity Vol. 1

Since April 2015 a 5 track EP is out on Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece. Beside one new track look forward to remixes from Maluns and Mystic Crock and two remixes by Dense.

Latest release


„Tide Forger“

(Cosmicleaf Rec., 04/2017)

Dense and Fourth Dimension

Mindcycles Vol. 1

This collaboration with Fourth Dimension will bring some deep going chill-trance sounds to the open minded listener. Released via Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece, in April 2015.

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Dense and Fourth Dimension

Mindcycles Vol. 2

This second collaboration with Fourth Dimension will again lead you into deep mindgoing sounds with two awesome tracks. Released via Cosmicleaf Rec. in September 2015.


Splendensity Vol. 2

Since January 2016 you can get another four track EP by Dense with his new smash hit „The Lost Mind“, a Fourth Dimension remix of his track „Dreamwater“ and more.

Dense and Fourth Dimension

Mindcycles Vol. 3

The next episode is out since February 2016, containing the long awaited release of „Shifter“ and not less powerful „A Few Million Volts“.

Dense and Fourth Dimension

Mindcycles Vol. 4

Both wizards are back with another two track EP, containing „Prospectors“ and „Gathering Galaxies“, what’s made for the dancing people.

GMO and Dense

The Whistleblower

GMO and Dense team up again and blow the whistle for a progressive chillout EP at Cosmicleaf Records in classic GMO and Dense style.



This two track EP was released in May 2016 and contains something special for the floor.

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