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Releases - Misc

Beside albums and EPs our catalogue contains single track releases on various compilations and remixes for other artists.

Dense - "Remount" on VA - „Floating Spirals”, Vimana Rec., 11/2012
Dense - "Moonflower" on VA - "Spring", Altar Rec., 06/2013
Tentura - "Theme Patcher (Dense Remix)" on remix EP, Uxmal Rec., 05/2014



This single track was released on the VA - „Floating Spirals”, Vimana Rec., Romania, in 11/2012, compiled by E-Mantra.



This track from his album „Exhale“ was released on the VA compilation „Spring“ at Altar Rec., Canada, in 06/2013.


Theme Patcher (Dense Remix)

This remix for Tentura (Ukraine) appears on a remix EP via Uxmal Rec., Mexico, released 05/2014.

Latest release



(Cosmicleaf Rec., 03/2018)

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Maluns - "Afterburner (Dense Remix)" on remix EP, Cosmicleaf Rec., 09/2014
Mystic Crock - "Luna's Walk (Dense Remix)" on remix album "6 a.m.",05/2015
Dense - "Reactivate" on VA "Cosmopolite Dreams", Sting Rec., 06/2015


Afterburner (Dense Remix)

Another remix appears on a remix EP from Swiss artist Maluns on Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece, 09/2014.

Mystic Crock

Luna’s Walk (Dense Remix)

This collaboration with Mystic Crock will bring some pure progressive chillout with a typical Hamburg touch to the dancefloor people. Released 05/2015 on the remix album.



In June 2015 Dense appeared with his exclusive track „Reactivate” on the VA - „Cosmopolite Dreams” from Sting Rec., Portugal, compiled by Sophy Gonzaga from Midiradio.

Apple Music (Dense)
GMO vs. Dense - "Shell & Seal" on VA "Kineta Lounge", Cosmicleaf Rec., 07/2015

GMO and Dense

Shell & Seal

Their EP title track „Shell And Seal“ was chosen to appear on the VA compilation „Kineta Lounge“ in 07/2015 by Cosmicleaf Rec., Greece.

Dense - Disclosure on VA Chilling Dragon Tales



In July 2015 the exclusive track „Disclosure” was published on the VA - „Chilling Dragon Tales” from Forestdelic Rec., compiled by Anub1s.

Tauon - "Burgeon" on VA "Spring Chill 3"



His first track „Burgeon“ was chosen for the VA compilation „Spring Chill 3“ in 04/2015 by Sine Music, Germany followed by re-licensing for different other VA comiplations.

Tauon - "Good Bye" and "Timeless" on VA "Autumn Time"


Good Bye + Timeless

Two tracks by Tauon appear on part 3 of the VA compilation „Autumn Time“ in 10/2015 via Sine Music, Germany.

Tauon - "A New Day" at VA "Chillbar"


A New Day

Another track by Tauon appears on part 3 of the VA compilation „Autumn Time“ in 10/2015 via Sine Music, Germany.

Thomas Lemmer - "Forever" (Tauon Remix)

Thomas Lemmer

Forever (Tauon Remix)

A remix by Tauon is part of Thomas Lemmers album „Forever“ at Sine Music, Germany.


Daydream (Dense Remix)

Another remix for E-Mantra by Dense came out in 12/2016. His version of „Daydream“ is part of the compilation „Ascending“ by Melusine Records, Romania.


The Choice

This vocal track by Dense appears on the VA compilation „A Lucid Nature“ in 12/2015 via Synchronos Recordings.


Stair Care (Chilling Dragon Version)

The original version appears on Denses album „Tide Forger“ and this remix is part of the VA compilation „Chilling Dragon Tales 2“ at Forestdelic Rec.


Transform (Dense Remix)

After a lot of collaborations it was time again for Dense to make a remix of a GMO track. The result is a chalet remix to the progressive trance track „Transform“, Blue Tunes Rec.

GMO and Dense

Into A New Dimension

This track from their album „Distances“ is part of the VA compilation „Relax Culture Vol. 1“, what you can get on CD, too.

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