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Mindcycles is a common project by Dense (Germany) and Fourth Dimension (Serbia).

Dense and Fourth Dimension team up and take the listeners mind on a spiral ride into psy-chill realms. The tracks go deep, leading the way through spaced-out sounds. When these two electronic wizards get busy together, the juices flow thick and colourful.

With their fourth EP coming in April 2016, these guys are taking the listeners on a hyperspace journey through altered states of consciousness, sometimes the dancer to ecstatic feelings. Watch out for more releases in 2016 via Cosmicleaf Records.



06/2015    Vol. 1    Tracks: Equilibrium, Time Spill

09/2015    Vol. 2    Tracks: Thunderstorm, Dawn

02/2016    Vol. 3    Tracks: Shifter, A Few Million Volts

04/2016    Vol. 4    Tracks: Prospectors, Gathering Galaxies

Mindcycles - a project by Dense (Germany) and Fourth Dimension (Serbia)


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(Cosmicleaf Rec., 07/2017)

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