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New Speak


Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece

Release: 09/2014

Type: Album

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Taking us further on his deep and relentless progressive ambient ride, Dense brings us his fresh album: New Speak. Solid beats and thick textures are cracked open with rays of light and melt into a swirl of hypnotic melody. A pinch of drama to keep things exciting and plenty of low-end bliss make this a sure pleasure for all progressive chillers. Get detail information or your personal copy on the Cosmicleaf Rec. website.


Track list:

1.    Massive Creek                   

2.    We Sing And Dance

3.    Short Legged Giant

4.    Home Number

5.    Poany

6.    Posing Nude

7.    The Great Unknown

8.    11:15

9.    The Vision

10.    Dirt Pan


„Tide Forger“

(Cosmicleaf Rec., 04/2017)

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