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Dense & Fourth Dimension

Mindcycles Vol. 1


Label: Cosmicleaf Records, Greece

Release: 06/2015

Type: EP

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Dense and Fourth Dimesion team up for this juicy EP on Cosmicleaf Records. The first track bounces nicely through slightly broken beats and rolling basslines, taking the listeners mind on a spiral ride into psy-chill realms. The second track goes even deeper with a dubby bassline leading the way through spaced-out sounds.


When these two electronic wizards get busy together, the juices flow thick and colourful. Get detail information or your personal copy on the Cosmicleaf Rec. website.


Track list:

1.    Equilibrium

2.    Time Spill


„Tide Forger“

(Cosmicleaf Rec., 04/2017)

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